Archive | April 2013

Future of Librarianship

I am very excited to be working in the library world right now! This digital age has made the librarian field blossom and continues to constantly change. I find this highly interesting about the field and what this will bring for the future.

I am also concerned about this field as well, because many of the old stereotypes of librarians still hold. The stuffy, uptight, strict  librarian who will “ssh” anyone talking to loud. This is detrimental to the field because in this digital age people need helpful gatekeepers to information. And  librarians should be the ones leading the field. Also, there is somewhat of a digital divide in libraries. There are some who are keeping up with current technology and trends, while others are left in the dust with limited technology available. I feel that all libraries and librarians should be at least aware and updated on current technologies such as databases, eBooks, tablets, and apps. This is how librarians can advocate for a place in the digital world by understanding it and able to navigate it.

This is where the problems arise because it’s not only the frame of mind of the librarian willing to implement new technology and services at the library, but there needs to be funding as well. This ties directly into people coming into our library to use programs and materials. Librarians need to be actively advocating to keep patrons coming in but also to keep up finding from state legislature.  If we are able to continue to influence our patrons and communities that we are worthwhile than libraries and librarianship will continue to have a place in the digital age.